Nicolette McKeown

Nicolette McKeown is a Scottish television, Internet, and film actress, as well as a cosplayer, from Glasgow.
McKeown first gained prominence on the indie film scene, appearing in various short films after graduating from university in 2012, including Late Nights, as part of the 48 Hour Film Project in which she had a minor role. Her breakthrough role was as Bones in Metalheadz, a web series produced by the Edinburgh based company, Dragonstone Pictures.
Her first starring role in a feature film was in Bridal Fever, a film made possible with funds gained from Indiegogo contributions. In the film, she plays a vengeful woman who wants to kill her former lover. Also, in 2016, she landed a supporting role in another horror feature film, Redcon-1, a Night of the Living Dead style action movie, playing a survivor of a massive zombie apocalypse. The film is to be released in 2017. Most recently, she was a guest star alongside Estella Warren, playing Lisa on Feel the Dead, shot in Europe.
Personal life
McKeown is an avid Lara Croft fan, from the Tomb Raider series, and appeared in a fan film as the character. She had a pet rabbit called Dexter. In 2017, McKeown got herself a female hamster named Bunny, paying homage to Mass Effect and her deceased pet from before.
* Klux ... as 'Kupid' (2016)
* Redcon-1 ... as 'Young Woman' (2017)
* Bridal Fever ... as 'Lisa' (2017)
* Pendulum Drift... as '?' (2017)
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