Personalities of Hala Clan in Halanew

Legend personalities of Hala Tribe in Hala, Sindh, Pakistan
Abdul Ghani Arbab alias Parial Halo was born on 01.10 1896 in Hala new to Muhammad Juman Halo. It was evening of 1903; a few young boys were sitting on the northern kutcha wall of municipal of Hala New town. In front of that wall there was a small kutcha ground for grass mandi, thereafter a wide open katcha road and two market buildings (adjacent to each other); one for fish & mutton market and other for vegetable & fruit market. The kutcha wide was leading on eastern side to the town centre and on west side to Muslim primary school and to Hala Old.
While these boys were playing, chanting and acting mischievous, a few boys appeared on western side of the kutcha road. They all had books and slates in their hands and were being mischievous. They were the students of primary classes coming from Muslim primary school after close of afternoon shift.
Muhammad Parial Halo looked and stared at them. How healthy, neat, clean, active, agile, smiling, and intelligent they looked. He started liking them. Why he can not be like them, he asked himself. He immediately jumped from the wall he was sitting thereon, ran straight to home. He was looking for one thing nothing but his father. He saw his father, Muhammad Juman Halo entering the house with grass on his head and shoulders for their live stock.
“Father”, he said.
“Yes, my son” his father replied.
“I want to say some thing to you”, he said.
“Yes, what do you want to say; say quickly as I have to feed my animals” his father replied,
“Father, I want to go to school and study” he said frightened. He was afraid that his father may scold or even beat him as there was no custom in his family to give education to children and none member was till educated in the family.
“What”, his father astonishingly said as it was an unexpected joyful shock for him but a dreadful sight for small boy, “I want to go to school and study”, the boy said,
Muhammad Juman, his father whose face had become red due to delight approaches to the boy who noting the transform in the face of his father, moves backwards with fear of getting a good beating. Father caught hold of the boy, took him on arms and went on kissing him again saying “My son wants to go to school, wants to study, wants to become a big officer, wants to become a big man”; and this proved with the time even during his generation.
“Do you want to go to school and study, my son” he said. “Yes”, boy now replied confidently.
Next day, his father took him to Muslim Primary School and got him admitted in nursery classes. This is how his education started. After getting primary education from Hala New, he was sent to Sindh Madressatul Islam School, Karachi in 1908 where from he did matric in 1914. During studies there he was not only good in studies but also achieved excellence in sports as well.
i. In 1914 he got First prize in high jump in Sindh Schools’ Athletic competition held at polo ground in Karachi, which is still recorded at main hall of Sindh Madressatul Islam School, Karachi
ii. He got a medal from School which read as “Good at games & good at work as well”
After school studies he joined Forest department where from he obtained premature retirement as office superintendent. Back to his native place, at the instance of Makhdoom Ghulam Hyder, he joined as an Administrator in Hala Municipal where he honestly served the town and people with his full responsibilities and with his utmost capabilities. His name as per birth certificate and school certificates was Mohammad Parial Halo which he changed to Abdul Ghani in 1926. He died in February 1970 at the age of 74 years and is buried at Arbabs' graveyard, Hala New.
He married in 1919 with Jamzadi d/o Ghulam Muhammad Halo. God was kind to him and bestowed him with eight sons and one daughter. His sons brought honour, respect and prosperity to his family having been highly placed in government and banking jobs; they were:
Hassan Ali Arbab
He was born on 18.12.1920. After doing B.A he got scholarship from Junagadh Government, India where from he did M.A and LL.B. During student life he joined Khaksar movement and was personally known to Allama Mashraqi for his active participation in the movement. He joined secretariat services and reached to the level of Deputy Secretary in West Pakistan Government before he died accidentally in August 1967. He had 03 sons from two wives, Mansoor Ali Arbab, Mahfooz Ali Arbab and Masroor Ali Arbab (An Engineer in Public Health, Government of Sindh). He died in August 1967.
Cdr: Qurban Ali Arbab
He was born on 20.03.1923. He did M.A, LLB, and immediately after creation of Pakistan he got commission in Pak Navy and reached to the level of Commander. He was among the defense personnels who were assigned the mission to take over Gwader & Turbat cities in 1958. In 1963 he was sent as Harbour Master to Chalna Port, East Pakistan where he safely anchored the heaviest tonnage ship; thus creating a world record. He was awarded many war and civil medals during his stay in Pak Navy. After transered back from East Pakistan in November 1992, he became Harbor Master in Bin Qasim Port, Karachi where he provided hundreds of jobs to poor people especially of Hala. He is to be credited for giving higher education to his brother and nephews who all fulfilled his pious dreams; and thus uplifting the family. He was very kind and generous, and used to bear expenses towards education of many poor students of Hala. He died in January 2001. He had 02 sons from two wives, Saleem Perwaiz & Aslam Javed (Both bankers),
Asif Ali Arbab
He was born on 08.09.1925. He joined forest department and retired as a Range Forest Officer He had only one son, Ayaz Ahmed. He died in July 1990.
Zafar Ali Arbab
He was born on 16.12.1928. He joined education department, and did M.A, B.T. He reached to the level of Inspector of Secondary School. He was a very good administrator, and always wished for the uplift of people of Hala clan. He provided many jobs to poor and need persons in education department. He died in October 1993. He had 03 sons, Altaf Hussain (Lt. Col in Pak Army), Aftab Ahmed (Customs Officer) & Munir Hussain (Executive Engineer),
Cdr: Akhtar Ali Arbab
He was born on 12.11.1930. He did M.A, LL.B. Started legal practice at Hyderabad where from he was selected as Civil Judge and first class Magistrate. He got he got commission and joined Pak Navy where he reached to the level of Commander & Judge Advocate General. He, as a Commanding Officer of a Mine Sweeper participated in naval attack launched by Pakistan on Dwarka, India during Indo-Pak war of 1965. He was awarded many war and civil medals during his service in Pak Navy. After retirement from Pak Navy he joined as Director, Legal in Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

He was an excellent sportsman. He was member of cricket eleven of Karachi University and Badminton Champion of S.M. Law College, Karachi. He is a very simple and kind hearted gentleman always ready to help poor people. He always used to encourage, help and give guidance to young people to join Pak Armed Forces. He has two sons, Sohail Akhtar (Bank Executive) & Cdr: Tufail Akhtar ((Commander in Pak Navy).
Zubaida Khatton
The only daughter born on 19.04.1933. She was married to her cousin Ali Mohammad s/o Allah Rakhiyo Halo Arbab.
Masood Ali Arbab
He was born on 15.07.1936. After doing B.E degree from N.E.D College in 1959 he joined Irrigation department and reached to the level of Chief Engineer, Government of Sindh. He was awarded scholarship by Government of France and went Paris in 1964 where from he obtained diploma in Agricultural Hydraulics. He was a very strict administrator. He was famous for his generosity by financially helping the poor people and providing funds for social work apart from providing many jobs to poor and needy people in irrigation department. He died in 2010. He has 06 sons from two wives, Dr. Tahir Masood, Aamir Masood, Asim Masood, Captain Fahad Masood, Pusheban Masood and Sa’ad Masood.
Munawar Ali Arbab
He was born on 01.07.1940. After doing M.B.A from IBA, Karachi in 1966 he joined banking career and reached to the level of SEVP of a commercial bank Worked in international banking also as CEO in United Bank AG, Zurich, in Switzerland for 03 years. He was selected two times by World Bank for training in international banking at IDA, Dublin, Ireland and City University, London, United Kingdom. He was man of principle and a strict administrative. He provided hundreds jobs to poor and needy people in banks. He was a good sportsman. He was declared best Cricketer for the year and Runner-up champion in Badminton of the school. He represented cricket eleven of D.J.Science College, Karachi. After retiring he wrote a few books which include: Spiritualism in the Poetry of Shah Latif Bhittai, Understanding Concepts of Commercial Banking, Hala and Halas in Historical Perspective and Sufi Saints of Indus Valle). His articles published on and .org includes Anecdotes about Shah Latif Bhittai, Anecdotes about Sachal Sarmast, Uniqueness in the Poetry of Shah Bhittai, Halakandi & Halas and Journey to Lahut LaMakan. He has four daughters and one son, Kashif Munawar
Aijaz Ali Arbab
He was born on 09.12.1941. He did M.A from Sindh University. Joined local bodies department and rose to the level of Office Superintendent before retirement from Municipal Hala New. He was a good cricket player of the school of his times. He has 03 three sons, Dr: Naveed Aijaz (Eye specialist), Nadeem Aijaz (Engineer) and Waheed Aijaz (Engineer).
Kashif Munawar Arbab
He was born on 04.04.1972. He did “O” Level from City School, Karachi, and the got his entire education in United Kingdom; “A” Level from Prince Thorpe College, Rugby UK), BBA from Bradford University (UK) and M.SC. (Management Economics) in First Class from London School of Economics (UK) which is considered as the number one University in the world in the field of Economics. He started his career as Financial Consultant / Advisor in London. Worked as Managing Director of a British Investment & Asset Management Company stationed in Dubai, UAE. Now working as a Director in UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) He has one son, Daaryan Kashif Arbab.
Shah Muhammad Halo
Mongolian King Amir Taimur Lung after conquering Iran reached Herat where he was given very warm welcome by Syed Mir Rahmat Ali of Herat. Wherefrom on way to attack Hindustan in 13 98 A.D, he took with him Syed Mir Rahmat’s five sons. After accomplishment of victories and while returning to Herat, he gave highest positions in Hindustan to four of them. While the fifth one, Syed Hyder Shah did not accept any position. He took permission from Amir Taimur Lung and went on a journey to Indus valley. When he reached Halakandi, he liked the town and settled there. He lived in a house in the locality of Halas just opposite to house of Shah Muhammad s/o Darya Khan Halo who was the chief of Halas at that time. Syed Hyder Shah helped Shah Muhammad Halo in settlement of differences and quarrels with other tribes. Thus relations between the two so developed that Shah Muhammad Halo gave her daughter, Mst.Fatima Bibi in marriage to Syed Hyder. Their descendants are presently living in Matiari and are known as “Sharafpota”. The legends and saintly people like Shah Abdul Karim Bulriwala and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai are descending from this family.
Late Mahboob Ali Shah of Matiari, a descendant of Hyder Shah of Herati, who was a learned man and had a very big library full of new, old, hand written (Kalmi) and antique books, had told me that Shah Mohammad Halo had only one son and one daughter. He gave his daughter, Fatima Bibi who was given in marriage to Hyder Shah; from whom he had the son, Ali Shah. The Syeds of Matiari, Bhanot, Sann (District Dadu), Bhiria (District Naushero Feroze) are descendants of Akbar Shah’s son from this lady.
While Mr. Allah Din “Soz” Halai in his book,” Kawi Ji Katha” has mentioned 05 sons of Shah Mohammad Halo s/o Darya Khan Halo, as Bhanho, Ghaho, Saalaar, Khano and Bhiyan. He further writes that Shah Mohammad Halo during his lifetime gifted his wealth to his sons by giving lands of village Bhanot to Bhanho, Ghahot to Ghaho, Salaro to Saalaar, Khanot to Khano and Bhiyan to Bhiyan. However, his hypothesis is near to the legend which goes that Halas have 07 branches (Not sons of Shah Mohd Halo) as Bhanho, Ghaho, Saalaar, Khano, Bhiyan, Juriah and Ghotanah. The people of each branch settled down at different places and named that places (which still exist) after the person who was accepted as the thief of the branch because of land holdings or social worker etc.
Arbab Ali Arbab
He was born in 1939 in the family of Hafiz Ali Mohammad. He belonged to a very poor family and was simply a clerk in irrigation department with a meager salary. He was not highly educated but ensured to give high education to his brother and children. He believed in women’s’ education and gave education to his all daughters to the highest level as M.B.B.S, B.E, M.B.A, M.Sc., M.CS (IT), M.A (Economics). I have yet to see a man of such determination like this. He would legally do every thing to get even an impossible. He never failed when it was the matter of his children’s' education and admission in professional colleges, domicile jobs (even for daughters) etc. He died in 2008.
Ancestral Three of Halas (Arbabs) of Hala
Halo (Yet to be ascertained)



Darya Khan Halo (Lived in Halakandi)

Shah Muhammad Halo (Father-in-Law of Haider Shah of Herat)




Muhammad Yousuf Halo (He is buried at Aamri, Dist. Dadu)

Muhammad Juman Halo(He lived in Hala Old)

Muhammad Yousuf Halo

Ezat Khan Halo (Migrated from Hala Old to Hala New)

Allah Rakhiyo Halo 2.Muhammad Juman Halo(He is buried at Bombay, India on return way from Haj)

1. Ezat Khan Halo 2. Allah Rakhiyo Halo 3. Abdul Ghani Arbab alias Muhammad Parial Halo

1. Hussain Ali 2.Qurban Ali 3.Asif Ali 4. Zafar Ali 5.Akhtar Ali 6. Masood Ali
7. Munawar Ali 8. Aijaz Ali

Kashif Munawar Arbab

Dayan Kashif Arbab
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