Sin Permiso

Sin Permiso. República y socialismo, también para el siglo XXI (Without permission: Republic and Socialism also for the 21st century) is an international political magazine.

Sin Permiso is published every six months, but its webpage is updated weekly. It covers a wide range of topics (politics, economy, philosophy, feminism, ecology, basic income and culture) mainly from Europe, United States of America and South-America.

Spanish philosopher Antoni Domènech is its General Editor. Redaction Committee is formed by argentinian philosopher María Julia Bertomeu, mexican historian Adolfo Gilly, spanish economist Daniel Raventós, spanish marxist historian Joaquín Miras, spanish economist and philosopher Jordi Mundó and Carlos Abel Suárez.


Sin Permiso was launched in May 2006 by a small group of socialists --understood in a wide sense of the term, namely people coming from the labour movement, social democracy, communism, anarchism and tradeunionism-- which has been growing since then.

The name of the magazine comes from an excerpt of the Karl Marx's Critique of the Gotha Program:


Notable contributors to Sin Permiso include Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Joseph Stiglitz, Naomi Klein, Amy Goodman, Michael T. Kläre, Walden Bello, Rossana Rossanda, Elmar Altvater and Emir Sader. It has also published articles of bolivian president Evo Morales.

Editorial Board

Prominent members of the Editorial Board include:

* Tariq Ali
* Elmar Altvater
* Hugo Blanco
* Rossana Rossanda
* Frei Betto
* Dieter Boris
* Robert Brenner
* Luciano Canfora
* David Cassassas
* Mike Davis
* José Luis Fiori
* Josep Fontana
* Florence Gauthier
* Ángeles Lizón
* Rubén Lo Vuolo
* Miguel Riera
* Emir Sader
* Carlos Taibo
* Philippe Van Parijs
* Julie Wark
* Erik Olin Wright
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