The Simulation123 simulation user group is a free organisation whose goals are to provide support and education for academic researchers and users of simulation technology, .
Founded in 2007, membership has always been free.

Simulation123 as a group provides the simulation user community with a number of services for simulation users, including the following:

One of the main service of the group is to publish news through a free periodic newsletter, contributed to by users and volunteers. News is also published to the website which is syndicated.

The group provides the users with a forum with a number of dedicated topics. This allows for group discussions around the following:
* Simulation standards establishment
* Career advice between peers
* Simulation software support between peers
* Simulation source discussion (journal papers, conference papers, books, etc.)

The group provides an on-line calendar giving a list of chronological academic simulation events including:
* Lists of conferences updated by users
* Lists of lectures updated by users

User Categories
The types of users supported by the group include the following:
* Simulation software users
* Simulation software vendors
* The academic community
* Students and beginners
* Simulation enthusiasts
* Simulation societies and user groups

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