Sency is a real-time search engine. Sency was created by Evan Britton, and launched in July 2009. Sency offers offers a different type of user experience when compared to the major search engines. At any time, we allow you to see what is going on right now with any person, place, or subject matter.
To use Sency, simply enter in whatever you want into the search box and click search, and you'll get real time results powered by real people. In addition, Sency also show you today's most popular links for any respective search query. Sency offers several search tips to help its users learn how to best take advantage of Sency and the real time web.
Sency has also developed two feeds to help websites place real time results on their pages. The content feed allows any website to display real time information for any subject matter. Web publishers can add this automatically updating information to their site via the free feed. The popular links feed for websites and blogs which display today's most popular links for a respective search term.
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