Sealand Rebel Government

The Sealand Rebel Government is the government in exile that claims sovereignty over the Principality of Sealand, a micronation located off the coast of England. It was founded by Alexander Achenbach after his forces lost Second Sealand Incident.
Alexander Achenbach was prime minister of The Principality of Sealand until 1978 when he attempted to take over the principality. Michael Bates repulsed him and his forces with the help of John Creudson. Achenbach went into exile, still claiming to be Sealand's legitimate ruler, assuming the title of 'Chairman Of The Privy Council'.
Recent Actions
The Sealand Rebel Government has not done many high profile things in its time, but has been known to have manufactured thousands of fake Sealand passports, causing the Sealand government to make all passports in existence null and void, including the ones that they themselves had issued.
Change In Leadership
In 1989, Achenbach passed his office on to Johannes Seiger, who claims to hold the position to this day.
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