RoomSaver is a division of Dominion Enterprises, and was founded in 1982. RoomSaver is a North American based, hotel coupon guide that is nationally distributed at welcome centers, rest areas, travel plazas, restaurants, gas stations, and other stops along the interstates of the continental U.S. RoomSaver is the the originator of the entire ' traveler guide' concept and currently the only monthly and nationally distributed hotel discount guide of its type; providing discounts, maps, and hotel locations throughout the lower 48 states and some of Canada. The company produces green Traveler Discount Guides that contain coupons for hotels, motels and resorts . RoomSaver also provides their services online at, where travelers can search for and browse featured hotels and discounts, read about travel tips, subscribe to the newsletter, and become a member of their Travel Club . is the largest hotel coupon site on the world wide web . RoomSaver coupons offer up to half off the walk-in price at 5,400 hotels, motels and resorts . It has been publishing its green coupon guide for more than 27 years to assist people with their Interstate travel needs throughout North America
RoomSaver was founded in 1982 with the name, Exit Information Guide, and later the Traveler Discount Guide . Exit Information Guide is the originator of the entire ' traveler guide' concept and the largest publisher of its kind in the United States, publishing more than 36 million RoomSaver Guides annually . More than 5,200 properties in 48 states use RoomSaver's services to attract additional walk-in business, increase occupancy and RevPAR." was created in 1999, as the online companion to the RoomSaver print guide.
How it works
Participating hotels offer discounts to "walk-up" customers in RoomSaver's green travel guide and on their website. . The special rates in the guide are “Based on Availability,” meaning that the coupons will generally be accepted unless the hotel believes that it can sell its remaining rooms at the regular published rate. Like many other items, the price of a hotel room changes according to supply and demand. When business is slow, a hotel may offer a limited number of rooms at a low rate to attract additional guests. During busier times (special events or peak periods), that same hotel may charge full price and not accept coupons or other discounts. Similarly, coupons are not accepted if you have a guaranteed advance reservation made at a higher rate" is the largest hotel coupon site on the world wide web In April 2008 was redesigned and re-engineered to update its appearance, add enhanced features like maps and driving directions as well as making searching for hotel coupons simpler. The homepage of the updated web site features a list of the most popular cities to visit, making it easier and quicker to plan a trip. The homepage also displays featured advertisers and an improved map for quick and easy city searches. City search results display an interactive map, powered by Microsoft Virtual Earth, so visitors can better determine where a property is located and which property would be the best choice for their stay . The advanced search option allows the user to screen hotel properties by chain, amenities and rate range. also features a Travel Club where travelers can save their "clipped" online coupons and sign up for e-mail updates for cities of their choice. The Web site lists discounts on over 5,000 hotels in 50 states offering the best rates on hotels throughout the country that are often substantially lower than published rack rates or those available on major booking sites.. .. has surpassed 8.3 million hits and 250 thousand coupons viewed per month, making it the largest hotel coupon site on the World Wide Web.
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