Risque Disque

Risque Disque is a Canadian independent record label, established in 1985. The label was formed by John Caton, Prairie Oyster's band manager, and was based out of the basement of the Horseshoe Tavern. It was originally distributed by Warner Music Canada.
In 2012, the label was passed down from John Caton to Todd Dunsmore, who began restructuring and re-branding the label.
Risque Disque officially re-opened in 2013 as an independent record label with a stable of actively touring Canadian artists.
The label is known for releases by Blue Rodeo, Bob Wiseman, Scott Dibble, Crash Vegas, Gibby Nik, Gold & Shadow, Aaron James and The Blackwater, and Oliver Swain.
The label's current headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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