Richard Hofherr

Richard Hofherr (born May 17, 1970, Evanston, Illinois) is an American musician.

Raised in Des Plaines, Illinois. He attended Brentwood Elementary School, Friendship Jr. High, St. Viator High School (Freshman), Forest View (Soph) and graduated Elk Grove High School in 1988. He took music classes at Harper Jr College.


7th heaven
Hofherr started his Rock/Pop band 7th heaven in 1985 with School Friends Mike Mooshey and Tony DiGiulio. 7th heaven reached a worldwide audience though many forms of media. They performed over 1,000 live shows throughout the U.S. and sold over 20,000 CDs to date. Their fan base exceeds 25,000.

Richard Hofherr started producing music in 1985. He worked in small studios doing demos for local bands around Chicagoland. In 1991 Hofherr worked at Afternight Studios as an Engineer/Producer. In 1992 Afternight studios merged with Big Dog studios in Chicago.

Hofherr stayed on staff as an Engineer/Producer, doing sessions with various bands around Chicago. In 1994, Hofherr started doing freelance production at various major studios around Chicago. In 1994 Hofherr was certified as a product specialist on Ensoniq, Korg, Roland, Emu, Kurzwiel, Marshall, Digidesign, Akai, Mackie, Shure, Fender, and various other studio gear.

Hofherr has written and recorded over 3,000 songs to date. Over 500 of them with his band 7th heaven. He has also written with various other people. Hofherr is an accomplished arranger.

When composing, Hofherr performs all the instruments on his songs. Hofherr can play Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Saxophone and sing. He has a college education on Musical Theory, Classical Guitar and Ear-Training. Hofherr records all his music in his studio (NTD Studios)

Produced Albums
*7th Heaven - Time Has Come
*7th heaven - Media Overkill
*7th heaven - Faces Time Replaces
*7th heaven - Silver
*7th heaven - Sampler Vol. 1
*7th heaven - Live at Durty Nellies
*7th heaven - Christmas CD
*7th heaven - Medley CD/DVD
*7th heaven - U.S.A. - U.K. CD
*Remember Maine - The Last Place You Look (William Beckett of "The Academy Is")
*504 Plan - Minutia
*Jessy Schram - demo work
*Jesus Christ Superstar - 2007 (currently in production) - Hofherr plays all the instruments on the CD

Record Company
In 2000, Hofherr started NTD Records for the purpose of creating and releasing marketable products. NTD Records has partnerships with Best Buy, Tower Records, Amazon and iTunes.

Publishing Company
Hofherr (a ASCAP writer) started his publishing company NTD Music, ASCAP in 2000 as a vehicle to publish music. In 2000 Hofherr placed songs on MTV's "Making the Video". In 2001 placed six songs in the indie film "Lizzy". Again in 2005 placed songs on MTV's "Punk'd" and "Making the Video". In 2006 placed two songs in the film "Light Years Away".

Management Company
NTD Management was started by Hofherr to book and manage bands and mainly singer/songwriters.
Hofherr has booked over 150 shows a year for his bands. Books Festivals, Clubs, Theaters, Amphitheaters, Colleges, Tours, Cruises and Private Parties.

Graphic Artists / Website Designer / Video Editor
In 1995 Hofherr taught himself Graphic Design. Efficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, GoLive, Flash, Pagemaker, Word, Freehand and InDesign. Known as an Apple Computer Mac Specialist. Hofherr started doing side-jobs for friends and thus started "NTD Graphics" . To date Hofherr has designed websites and done graphic design for over 50 major companies around the world: Cingular • Warner Brothers • Gold's Gym • Pepsi • MTV • VH1 • Starck Realtors • Dish Network • Altronics Inc. • One Positive Place • 7th heaven • Magnaflux • Atari • Joe's Sports Bar • Discovery Channel • Disney Beaches • Midway Games • Guitar Center • RE/MAX • Chicago Design Team • Jenny Jones • Gloria Jeans • Mr. Beef & Pizza • St. Viator High School • Tower Records • Mobile Print • CETCO • O' Halloran, Kosoff, Geitner & Cook • Barnes & Noble • • Skilltime • Negative Image • Best Buy • Matt McBride • Scheck Enterprises • Q101 • House of Blues • Mt. Prospect Park District • Data Staff • • Gaffney Film • Thuringer Gourmet Meats • Comark • Heritage Dental Lab • ENH - Evanston Northwestern Healthcare • Amcol International • Olympus Gyros • Remember Maine • Jessy Schram • The Real Estate View • element • Abby Robinson Designs • Stars on Stage • Antioxidant Workshop • Kraig Kenning • Augustfest • Mario Gambino & Sons • HBK Water Meter Service, Inc. • • & Many More.....

To take it even further Hofherr self-taught himself Video editing and purchased pro equipment and started "NTD Video", in which Hofherr did post-edits on TV commercials for the "Dish Network" , Empress Casino and "Starck Realtors". He also did all Post edits and was the Director for the "7th heaven" DVD "Live at Durty Nellies"

NTD World (started in 2000) is the parent company that is owned and operated by Hofherr. NTD World has many projects going at once.
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