Drew money

Drew Money aka Andrew Thielk was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on December 4th 1982.He is a music producer/engineer specializing in pop, rap, and rock music, known for his innovative sound designs, hard-hitting drums, and creative programming.
Jay-Z American Gangster - "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" (engineer, programmer)
Chris Brown ft. Kanye West Exclusive - "Down" (engineer, programmer)
Trick Daddy ft. 8Ball and Trey Songz Back By Thug Demand - "So High" (engineer)
Playas Circle Supply & Demand - "Outlaw" (engineer, programmer)
Shaggy Intoxication - "Church Heathen" (engineer)
Spensha Baker Outloud! (engineer)
Dipset More Than Music - "Get Down" (producer)
Cam'Ron Killa Season - "Killa Cam Intro" (producer)
JR Writer ft. Paul Wall History In the Making "That's a Bet" (producer)
S.A.S Streets All Salute - "On 'Dem Roads", "Dipset All Day" (producer)
Early Years
Drew Money received his first guitar when he was 11 years old where he honed his skills playing all the latest alternative rock songs and classics. He later went on to play jazz guitar in his school jazz band where provided both rhythm and lead guitar. In the late 90's Drew began making the transition from musician to beatmaker producing beats for several local rap artists.
Between 2003-2004 Drew Money received his degree in recording arts from Full Sail Real World Education in Orlando, Fl. During this time he was introduced to his current manager Spliff of Spliffington Management. While going to classes all day and night, Money managed to produce several songs for Cam'Ron, Juelz Santana, and other Dipset Members including his first single and video for the song "Get Down" (Dipset More Than Music Diplomat/Koch Records) under the alias Pro V. Working closely with Spliff he went on to produce more songs for Dipset such as "That's a Bet" (JR Writer ft. Paul Wall), "Killa Intro" off Cam'Ron's Killa Seaon LP , as well as music for the video game NBA Ballers 2.
Work History
In 2005, Drew took an internship at Circle House Studios where he quickly moved up the ranks to assistant engineer and recording engineer. Here he worked with several major artists and producers such as Trick Daddy, Shaggy, Pretty Ricky, Bigg D, Cool & Dre, Lil Wayne and others. In 2006 he left Circle House to work for producer Bigg D as engineer and programmer.
Over the next few years he worked with Bigg D on the following records:
•Trick Daddy ft. 8-Ball, Trey Songz - "So High" (engineer)
•8Ball & MJG - "Ridin' High" (engineer)
•Playaz Circle - "Outlaw" (engineer/programming)
•Chris Brown ft. Kanye West - "Down" (engineer/programming)
•Jay-Z ft. Lil Wayne - "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" (engineer/programming)
•Spensha Baker - "Hold On" (engineer)
In 2009, Drew Money worked on 2 Grammy nominated albums:
•Shaggy Intoxication nominated for Best Reggae Album
•Jay-Z American Gangster nominated for Best Rap Album
Drew has been known to use an MPC 2500 for drum programming using sounds from his vast library of samples and kits, but also uses Pro Tools to arrange and edit. He mostly uses his Floyd Rose Redmond 3 guitar with 10 gauge speedloader strings, using a variety of amplification units including Roland JC-120's, Marshalls and Bugera amps as well as amp simulators like the Line 6 Pod, Pod XT Live, and AmpFarm. He also exclusively uses orange 1.14mm Brain picks. For acoustic parts he uses the Ibanez AE10n nylon string guitar.
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