The Empire of Austenasia is a micronation founded by Jonathan Austen and based in Carshalton, Surrey.
It consists of his house, front drive and back garden, as well as a square foot of land in Argyll, Scotland which was bought by Jonathan online so that he could get the title "Laird".
Austenasia was founded by Jonathan Austen on 20th September 2008 (now annually celebrated as Independence Day in Austenasia). He emailed a Declaration of Independence to Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, and declared his father Terry Austen the Emperor and himself the Prime Minister.
A General Election was held on New Year's Day 2009, but Jonathan was the only candidate which could be voted for.
Austenasia consists of two properties located on the island of Great Britain.
Wrythe is located in Carshalton, Surrey, and is the Austen family's house. It is about a quarter of an acre.
Glencrannog is a square foot of land bought by Crown Prince Jonathan in October 2008 so that he could use the title Laird, as the land is in the Scottish Highlands.
Austenasia is an empire governed by a constitution making it a constitutional monarchy. While the Emperor is named in the Constitution as Head of State, HIM Emperor Terry I holds very few powers except confirming new legislation. The real leader of Austenasia is HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, who holds the jobs of Prime Minister, Chancellor and Home Secretary and is 100% of the Cabinet, meaning that he could dethrone the Emperor with a single "vote". The Empire of Austenasia is thus a de facto dictatorship, although a benevelent one.
Foreign Relations
Austenasia recognizes every member state of the United Nations and several of the more serious micronations, including Molossia and Flandrensis.
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