Ravens Bluff

Ravens Bluff is a fictional location in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.
Publication history
Gateway to Ravens Bluff, The Living City (1989) covers the background and history of Ravens Bluff, with descriptions of numerous locations and personalities; the shops and personalities in the book were all designed by RPGA members.
Ravens Bluff was the subject of a 1998 publication, The City of Ravens Bluff, by TSR, Inc.
Ravens Bluff is the largest city in The Vast, a loosely confederated region in Faerûn, notable for high population density. Raven's Bluff is home to one of Faerûn's only magical item shops.
The Living City
Ravens Bluff was for many years home to the RPGA's Living City role-playing campaign—a part of their Living campaign—and the site of the Living City series of game modules. The campaign was first proposed by then-RPGA Coordinator Penny Petticord in Polyhedron magazine issue #25 and ended in 2004.
Other media
The novel The City of Ravens takes place in Ravens Bluff.
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