In the fictional fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms, Evereska is an elven stronghold in northern Faerûn.
Evereska is known as the Last haven of the elves, as it is the only elven stronghold left in Faerûn. The Common tongue translation of Evereska is "Fortress Home." It is a sanctuary to all Tel'Quess (Elvish, literally meaning "The People"), besides drow, who would hold a home for their race in Faerûn against the relentless tide of human expansion.
The city contains a mythal—a mantle of living magic that protects the city. This particular mythal bars magical transportation and allows the city's residents to climb walls and ceilings with the ease of insects. It is also known to bombard the city's attackers with golden meteors.
Very recently, in 1371 DR, the city was under siege by the phaerimm—an ancient and evil race who were inadvertently freed from their underground prison beneath Anauroch by the elf Galaeron Nihmedu and the Shadovar archwizard Melegaunt Tanthul. Through a long series of events, the phaerimm were eventually defeated, and the Evereskans began to rebuild their damaged city.
Official material
* More Evereska
* Kaliesh'erai
* Irilivar Celevessin
Specific prestige classes
* Evereskan Tomb Guardian (image)
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