The Proctail is a cocktail made with , club soda and pineapple juice. The drink is usually served with ice in an old-fashioned glass or a Collins glass.
The drink was developed sometime prior to 2002 by Steven Proctor, a former bartender and current member of Richland Country Club, a posh members-only club located in Nashville, Tennessee. In early years The Proctail started growing in popularity in certain circles of Nashville, mainly based on Steven's constant and unwaivering consumption of the drink. As the popularity of this new and inventive cocktail emerged, Richland Country Club listed the drink on it's bar menu in an attempt to make claim as the place original origin. Now a staple at many southeastern bars, The Proctail is starting to expand it's reach as it's been reportedly requested as far away as South Dakota.

Pineapple juice as a mixer
Most commonly known as a mixer in many alcoholic drinks favored by the female population. It's used as a sweeting agent in The Proctail which is one of the more manly drinks in the world, as quoted by it's originator and others alike.
Maxim Magazine
The Proctail was submitted to Maxim Magazine's article, A Drink with Maxim, as a hot new drink of 2011. Specific instructions about making the drink correctly, including the technique of adding a half part of vodka as a topped garnishment, were included in the Maxim submission. Advocates of the drink claim that the extra vodka garnishment, when added correctly, add to the flavor and efficacy of the coctail.
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