Pop Asomiya

Pop Asomiya(), is a serio-comic entertainment being written by well-known Assamese writer Najma Mukherjee .The book revolves around the aspects of Assamese language and culture in her exceptionally witty style. Pop Asomiya is an unique creation by the writer in the field of Assamese literature.The book reflects post-modernism .Pop Asomiya was published by Banalata in the year 2010.The book was widely acclaimed by the readers.
The book revolves around the changes that have lately prevailed over the Assamese language in a satirical tone. The word Pop being used in the title is a shortened form of the English word Popular. Theme of the book encompasses the use of this new Pop Assamese language and culture in the daily lives of the Assamese society which is being so well observed and depicted by the author with her extra-ordinary ability of narration.The use of it is witnessed in every day lives creating a new genre through the book Pop Asomiya.
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