Nicholas Ruiz III

Nicholas Ruiz III (a.k.a. Nick Ruiz) was born in New York City in 1970 and lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA. He graduated with a doctor of philosophy degree from Florida State University in 2006, and currently teaches philosophy and humanities at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL.
Ruiz is an artist and philosopher who has produced several books and a record album. His latest release is the record album Au.ral (2017).  He has edited three books on Jean Baudrillard, including [ Jean Baudrillard: The Poetics of Radicality (2012)], by the late Gerry Coulter (1959 - 2016), who was founder and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. Ruiz is the author of America in Absentia (2008), Integral Reality (with Robert Hassan, 2012) and The Metaphysics of Capital, (2006).  He is also the editor-in-chief of  
Ruiz was the Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida District 24 (FL-24) in 2010, and ran as a Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. House seat in FL-7 in 2012. In 2014 he challenged Alan Grayson in the FL-9 Democratic Primary election.
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