Planet Organic Market

<strong> Planet Organic Market </strong> is a Canadian based Organic Health Food Market that started in 1993 by Mark Craft & Diane Shaskin; originally named Terra Natural food Market. They focus on organic produce, grocery and meat. They also have a large supplements and personal care section often found in the centre of their market.
In 2000 Planet Organic became publicly traded and opened 3 new locations. By 2003 they opened more locations "The growth then accelerated, financed largely by debt. In the spring of 2007, Planet Organic bought Mrs. Green’s Natural Market, a chain of 11 stores in the northeastern United States, for US$33.7 million in cash" (Canadian Business). Then they grew to a peak of 76 retail outlets (Canadian Business).
In 2009 Catalyst Capitol bought their debt load. Then a reorganizing occurred combining the efforts of Mrs. Green's, Planet Organic Market & Richtree Markets and then umbrella-ed under NMFG (Natural Markets Food Group) and majority operations were out of New York, USA. In 2016 NMFG was restructured and Planet Organic separated to operate as its own business unit. See "Sorry" campaign on youtube - referencing below
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