Pizzioli an Italian Style of Preperation for steak with peas, hence Steak a Pizzioli. Usually a lesser cut of beef, chuck often, is used. It is on the bone, but pounded a bit, then rubbed with garlic and olive oil sprinkled with oregano, basil and parsley and sliced onions. A simple preperation of crushed tomato and or paste and water is sparingly poured over it and under it and it is braised about 15-20 minutes , then peas are added and cooked in the liquid around the steak. Some people add small pieces of potato at the begining, others make a mash, the sauce is poured over the steak on slicing, taking care to add the meat juices in the sauce. depending on the volume of sauce made you may elect to pour some over the mashed potatoes. I make a reasonable amount of sauce and lots of peas, and the item is quite wonderful over mashed potato or rice or mixed in with orzo pasta. It must have oregano in it, it will not taste like Sunday Sauce. The leftover sauce with peas are nice with almonds or walnuts mixed in over rice as a side dish.
You may add a dash of red wine with red wine vinegar or just balsamic vinegar to it, or even lemon juice. These are all varients in my own home.
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