Petro photoglyph

Petro Photoglyph
petro (rock or stone) photoglyph (photographic engraving) a form of Petroglyph researched under the discipline of Rock art. The first recorded discovery of petro photoglyphs was 1994. A petro photoglyph projects photograph detailed images with the application of spectrum specific illumination. The photo images propagating from a petro photoglyph are hologram or whole recordings. A color photograph of The Unicorn Petroglyph (an example of a petro photoglyph), and a progression of spectrum specific illumination developments (right), demonstrate photo image propagation from a scribed stone.
Deciphering the visual projections from a petro photoglyph can be accomplished through our database of knowledge in the fields of history, mythology, religion and science.
Petro photoglyphs (photo scribed stones) artifacts were discovered in 1994. The application of spectrum specific illumination to a (petro photoglyph) enables the projection of scribed photo images configured as a Hologram or whole recording. Questions as to the age, the artisan, the fabrication method and purpose remain currently unanswered.
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