Ocean Land Investments

Ocean Land Investments is a Florida-based real estate developer. The company was based in Boca Raton, and is now based in Fort Lauderdale.
The CEO of the company is Jean Francois Roy, who moved to Florida from Quebec, Canada during the 1980s, where he was involved in the development of retirement homes. He started Ocean Land Investments, Starting in the 1990s, the company began to acquire several oceanfront commercial buildings, residential buildings, as well as other underused sites, in order to redevelop them into high-rise residential buildings or resell them to other condo developers. Many of the properties are from the 1950s and 1960s, which are acquired for infill development. They also co-developed the Trump Hollywood condominiums in Hollywood Beach, Aquazul, offering one million dollars per resident ($510 million in total) and the overall community twelve times its appraised value. Ocean Land attempted to acquire the land in order to develop a large scale mixed-use commercial and residential complex. Ocean Land Investments is also the developer of the “Aqua” branded residential buildings, including AquaVita, AquaLuna, AquaVue, AquaBlu, and AquaMar. Starting in 2013, the company had a policy of developing properties that disallowed smoking in privately owned units, rather than only barring smoking in public areas. In 2015, Ocean Land acquired the 920 Intracoastal Co-op Association for five times the market value of the units in order to redevelop the property to develop the AquaBlu property as well. Ocean Land has continued to pursue bulk purchases of 1950s condominium complexes for further redevelopment projects.
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