Melbourne Social Equity Institute

The Melbourne Social Equity Institute is a research institute at the University of Melbourne, focussing on issues related to social inequality.
The Melbourne Social Equity Institute was founded in 2012.
Professor Bernadette McSherry was appointed as the founding director in March 2013.
The Melbourne Social Equity Institute has established further social inequity-related research and teaching initiatives at the University of Melbourne, including the Melbourne Alliance to End Violence Against Women and Children, the Disability Research Initiative and the Melbourne Refugee Studies Program.
Research is divided between four research programs. Since 2016, these have been refugees and asylum seekers, poverty and income inequality, community-engaged research and violence against women.
Before 2016, the research programs were human rights, access to public goods, social policy and citizenship and diversity. regulation protecting low-income migrant workers, and an evaluation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme conducted by people with disabilities.
The Community Fellows Program is a training and mentoring initiative that brings people from non-profit and education organisations into the University of Melbourne.
The institute holds a biannual research conference dedicated to a theme of inequity. The most recent conference in 2016 focussed on a rights-based and participatory approach to research with people with disabilities.
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