Marc Darrow

Marc Darrow M.D. is a Board Certified Physiatrist, professor and author specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.where he emphasizes a treatment known as prolotherapy.
Personal Background and Education
Dr. Darrow attended Northwestern University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology followed by degree in Medicine from the University of Hawaii. In addition, Darrow holds a Doctorate in Jurisprudence from Golden Gate University as well as an MBA from the University of California.
Publications and Contributions
Darrow’s work and commitment to Prolotherapy has led to four published books, ‘’The Knee Sourcebook’’, ‘’The Collagen Revolution: Living Pain Free’’, ‘’The Hollywood Pain Solution and Prolotherapy: Living Pain Free’’, a radio show and regular contributions to popular blogs such as the Huffington Post. In 2007, Newsweek Magazine featured Darrow in an article about chronic pain and its effect on U.S. veterans.
Other Contributions
In addition to his medical practice including musculoskeletal injury, pain management, electrodiagnosis (EMG/NCS), sports medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Darrow hosts his own self-titled radio show on Southern California’s KRLA 870 AM. The Huffington Post also sees regular contributions from the doctor on topics such as obesity, sleep
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