Major Turner Staubenzie

Turner Staubenzie (1758-1849) was a Revolutionary War and Napoleonic Wars officer. Staubenzie was born in Scotland in 1758. He enlisted as a Private in Dunmore's War in 1774. He was present at the Battle of Point Pleasant during that war. Staubenzie was promoted to Lieutenant in 1776 during the American Revolutionary War. He fought at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge in 1776. He led raids throughout 1777-1778. His last raid was the Baylor Massacre. He was then positioned in Florida in 1779. He served John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll until Campbell surrendered at the Siege of Pensacola in 1781. He then served Charles Grey in the North in 1781. He fought at the Battle of Johnstown in late 1781. He fought at the Great Siege of Gibraltar in 1782 and the Battle of Negapatam. In 1783, he fought in the Battle of Cuddalore which ended the war. He served in the Battle of Trafalagar in the Napoleonic Wars. In 1849, Staubenzie died.
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