Louey Kachinsky

Louey Kachinsky is an American self-proclaimed hippy, civil engineer, carpenter, designer , musician, self-styled chef/food connoisseur, blogger and entrepreneur born on an intentional community located in Summertown, TN . Louey's birth story is well documented in ""The Book of Louey"" found in "Spiritual Midwifery" written by Ina May Gaskin. Gaskin, a pioneer of the modern midwifery movement, was not at Louey's birth. Louey was delivered by Cara Gillette and Mary-Louise Perkins, two of the other midwives working closely with Ina May on The Farm at the time. The name, Louey, was given to him as it was a family name belonging to two paternal great uncles. Louey's father spelled it uniquely, Louey, as opposed to Louie or Louis as an homage to Walt Disney's Huey, Dewey, and Louie as he thought that's the way Disney spelled it.
Louey was raised in an alternative lifestyle made possible through living in such a unique environment as The Farm. He was raised as a vegan conscientious objector. His parents Joel Kachinsky and Roberta Marx had both become hippies in the late sixties and independently made their way to The Farm. Joel and Roberta met and were married on The Farm. A short time after, Louey was born in a house built for, but never occupied by, Stephen Gaskin, (co-founder and spiritual teacher of The Farm) . Stephen supposedly did not want to live in a nicer home than the rest of the community so he let a group of individuals, including Louey's parents, live there to take care of an elderly member and grandfather to the community, William Axlerod, or "uncle Bill". Roberta was the main caretaker for Uncle Bill and Louey And Uncle Bill were quickly best friends. Roberta worked at the school kitchen while Joel worked at the store first then the foundation office as he was an attorney. Louey was often spotted at the school kitchen helping to press the button to start one of the many pieces of commercial equipment or hanging out with the older kids. Louey credits "being raised vegan in the kitchen" for his obsession with cooking and food. Louey lived in "Stephen's house" until he was three. During that time another residence was duplexed onto the side of "Stephen's house". The large duplex, about 2,500 square feet per side, was then named "Kissing Tree", for the newer side and "Kissing Cousins", for the old side. Louey's dad named the houses for a nearby pair of oak trees that appeared to be kissing. There were as many as eighty folks, adults and children living in the duplex during The Farm's heyday and as few as one family per side after the "Changeover" (see ""2.2 TheChangeover"" ). Louey's early childhood was filled with abundant play with other kids in "the kid herd", working together with his household to tend to the house and organic vegetable garden, Helping his mom at the kitchen, helping with horses at the barn, playing soccer, building and riding bikes, swinging on giant rope swings, attending community events such as weddings, performing in community shows where he often had the honor of saying hebrew prayers over the candles at Chanukah and various other theatrical productions. When Louey was 4 he entered The Farm's private alternative school "The Farm School" He attended preschool and kindergarten in a building that was attached to the "Soy Dairy" where adult members trail-blazed american made tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt, and tempeh. At the age of six, he went to school at "The Solar School" a passive solar building touted as the largest passive solar school in the world at that time. Around that time, Louey got interested in music. A man from Guatemala, Juan Salvahan, who only spoke Spanish came to live at Kissing Tree. With him he had a portable record player and several Beatles albums. All the kids in the house would assemble drum kits out of pots pans and whatever they could find and jam out to the records with Juan. When Louey was 6, he broke his femur riding his bike with his parents on the way to a wedding. The Farm's EMT service transported him to the Maury County Medical Center where he spent two weeks in traction. Every night someone from The Farm would come to keep him company and read to him. After that he had to spend six weeks in a cast that went from his right toe up to his waist. Louey attended school at The Farm School through seventh grade at which point he did two years of public school. When Louey was in seventh grade, an [https://books.google.com/books?idFQvGpUnBN58C&pgPA225&lpgPA225&dqlouey+Kachinsky&sourcebl&otsycp5jFsGtN&sigcG_ayliNx_bIOXYmUDoX-KkcofM&hlen&saX&ved0ahUKEwix-sSCltnSAhVO92MKHfuyDAU4ChDoAQgtMAQ#vonepage&qlouey%20Kachinsky&f=false interview] with Louey was included in "Following Our Bliss". In that interview Louey discussed entering the world outside his insulated life on The Farm. Louey returned to The farm School for ninth, tenth and twelfth grade and chose to do eleventh grade at Summertown High School. During this time Louey learned to play guitar and played in his first three bands, "The Lost Boys", "No Boundareez" and "The Vibe Tribe".
After graduating high school in 1993 Louey went to Columbia State, the nearby community college for two years. He then moved to Boston, MA where he attended The Berklee College of Music for two years. After withdrawing from the performance major at Berklee, Louey moved back to Tennessee where he enrolled in Tennessee Technological University and eventually obtained a bachelor's of science in Civil Engineering in May 2002. During this time Louey took up the trumpet and eventually began playing with THB a rock outfit based on The Farm and playing gigs and festivals in the surrounding area. The band received several write ups, most notably from "The Murfreesboro Pulse" [http://boropulse.com/2008/02/thb-keeping-the-jam-going/ ""THB: Keeping the Jam Going""].
Since graduating from Tennessee Tech, Louey Kachinsky has worked as a Production Structural Design Engineer, Operated his own Business: Louey Kachinsky Structural Design and Construction, worked as a carpenter, worked as a tofu production engineer, worked as a trade show rep for radiation detectors and began his most recent endeavor: blogging about his unconventional life with his wife and daughter at: FullyDADDYcated.com.
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