The Knockabouts were a hardcore punk band from Huntsville, Alabama from 1982-1986. They are on the Barricaded Suspects album released in 1983 by Toxic Shock Records and re-released in 1992, and Prank Records released a 7-inch EP of their material in 1995 entitled On Suffering Remembered. They were interviewed by Maximum RocknRoll Magazine in the September 1984 issue. According to Prank Records president Ken Sanderson, in an interview, they are the first hardcore punk band from Alabama. Sanderson says their songs are "demented, angry and centered on the dissatisfaction, alienation and isolation of the Deep South." The members included Donnie Sharp (vocals), Rusty Jackson (Guitar), Randy Sanders (bass), Greg Skalka (drums '82-'84), Jeff Keagle (drums '84-'86).
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