Traxo is an online travel service that detects and organizes personal travel information, including itineraries, loyalty account balances, and expiration dates, from over 190 travel sources. Traxo is free for users and is supported by an advertising business model. In 2013, the company was ranked as a "Hot Startup" by Entrepreneur, and as of October 2013, the company has raised approximately $1.5 million in seed money and a $4.2 million Series A.
Traxo is headquartered in Dallas, TX and Andres Fabris is the current CEO.
Andres Fabris first conceived of Traxo in 2003 while attending Harvard Business School. He began designing a dashboard-style travel organization service with Andy Chen and Richard Pendergast, whom he had met while working at Travelocity.
The company established its office in Dallas, TX in 2008.
In 2010, Traxo integrated with travel recommendation website UpTake. This partnership was one of the first developments in a series of strategies aimed at branding Traxo as more than just a proximity alert tool.
In 2011, the company launched the Traxo Travel Score, “the official measure of one’s overall travel experience.”
In 2012, Traxo announced the acquisition of frequent flier miles tracker
* Traxo Travel Score - calculated score between 1 and 100. Users with higher scores are rewarded with travel-related deals such as free flights, discount rental cars, and hotel specials.
* Traxo Express Access - streamlines linking to all of a user's loyalty account information.
Awards and Recognition
* May 2009—Traxo named as a Facebook Fund Finalist.
* Dec 2010—Traxo named "Most Promising" venture at Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Forum.
* Dec 2012—Traxo Wins Vator Splash NY.
* Jan 2013—Traxo named “Hot Startup” by Entrepreneur.
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