Burwood One

Burwood One (formerly known as Kmart Plaza and originally Kmart Burwood) is a sub regional shopping centre located in the eastern suburb of Burwood East in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Owned and managed by Fitzroys, the centre is the site of the first Kmart to be built in Australia, opening on 30 April 1969. The site originally consisted of the primary Kmart discount department store and an integrated Kmart Food supermarket. Over the years the complex has been redeveloped twice, with speciality stores added, more car parking and a relocated and expanded supermarket.
There was much anticipation when Kmart first opened its doors on 30 April 1969. Australians had not heard of a retail format such as Kmart before, which in turn generated a very large amount of interest. Before the doors were opened for the first time, 5000 people were waiting outside. Once the doors opened, they were closed 45 minutes after opening due to overcrowding. By the end of the day, an estimated 40,000 people had been through the checkouts. For the next 25 years, the complex only went through minor changes, such as the Kmart and Kmart Food stores being rebranded as a Super Kmart in the mid 1980s before a wall was put up between the groceries and general merchandise sections and turned into separate Kmart and Coles stores.
First redevelopment: 1997
In 1996, it was announced that the Kmart Burwood complex would be redeveloped with the addition of specialty stores in a strip mall format in front of Kmart as well as a small indoor mall in front of Coles. Kmart received a major renovation and extension with a new, large garden and outdoor department. Coles was also given a minor expansion as well as a renovation. Kmart Tyre and Auto Service was relocated from the back to the front of the complex, along with a reconstructed upper car park, with the lower car park left as is. Kmart and Coles also introduced 24-hour trading of their stores, a practice that continues to this day. The complex was also given the name of Kmart Plaza, named after the major tenant of the complex.
Second redevelopment: 2011
In 2010, a second redevelopment of the complex was announced. The development finished in 2012, with major features including the removal of the lower car park, with a new indoor shopping mall built on top, with two levels of undercover car parking located below. This mall included a new large format Coles Supermarket (relocated from its former retail space) as well as numerous new specialty and food outlets. Aldi, The Reject Shop and Guardian Medical Centre (relocated to make way for the new mall) moved into the space vacated by the former Coles and Liquorland. In addition, a 1st Choice Liquor Superstore was constructed on the north east corner of the complex, and construction of a restaurant on top of this store are under way.
The upper car park was reconstructed for the second time and Kmart Tyre and Auto Service relocated to the new undercover car park.
The complex was renamed 'Burwood One' a reference to the first Kmart to be built in Australia, as well as the internal store code (1001) used by the store.
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