Julius Papp

Julius Papp is a house music producer and DJ whose roots lie in disco of the 1970s and new wave of the 1980s.
Papp was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and got tuned into dance music through the city’s flourishing club scene and diverse radio broadcasts. He started collecting vinyl records in the late 1970s and took to the turntables in 1985, landing his first major club gig two years later.
He moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and then again three years later, up north, to San Jose in the Bay Area, finally settling in San Francisco.
Early DJ influences for Papp came from reading about specific parties piloted by talented music programmers that, even today, still influence the youngest of aspiring DJs. Legends like Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage in NYC to Frankie Knuckles at The Warehouse in Chicago to Tony Humphries' weekly at Zanzibar in New Jersey. Always inspired by any track listing in those articles, Papp would hunt down the music that became dance classics. He remains open minded and eclectic in his sources of musical inspiration.
As Papp's production catalog grew, so did the number of labels releasing his music, including Nervous (NYC), Maxi (NYC), Large (Chicago), Yellow (Paris), King ST (NYC), Loveslap (SF) and Om Records (SF).
Papp's latest CD compilation mix is on Loveslap entitled Heartbeat Vol. 2.
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