Jim Cirillo

Jim Cirillo was a noted firearms trainer and former member of the NYPD's elite Stakeout Unit (often called the "Stakeout Squad"). He died on July 12, 2007 as a result of an automobile accident versus a semi tractor-trailer.

In his five years on the Stakeout Unit, from 1968-1973, he was involved in seventeen gunfights.

In more recent years, he was involved in firearms training for police and civilians, publishing books and videos on the subject through Paladin Press, and teaching classes at a number of private schools.

Cirillo also worked on bullet design, creating bullet noses designed to "dig into" a target rather than deflecting from them.

At about 7pm on July 12, Cirillo turned onto New York State Route 8 in Madison County, New York, just west of West Edmeston, New York, directly into the path of the truck. The truck struck his car on the driver's side door. Cirillo died at the scene.

Books and Videos
* [http://www.paladin-press.com/detail.aspx?ID=139 Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights: Lessons and Tales from a Modern-Day Gunfighter (book)]
* [http://www.paladin-press.com/detail.aspx?ID=1520 Jim Cirillo: Modern-Day Gunfighter (DVD)]
* [http://www.paladin-press.com/detail.aspx?ID=1532 Secrets of a Master Gunfighter (DVD)]
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