Aaron Sims

Aaron Sims (born August 22, 1992) is a Nevada politician.

Early life
Sims was born in Lathrop, California to Gerald L. Sims, the Fire Chief of San Joaquin County and Starley Sims; a nurse/surgeon at Manteca Hospital. Sims grew up in Lathrop along with his brother; Austin (5 years older) and lived in California for 11 years. Sims has been involved and interested in the political arena since he was about 5 years old. He than began to study the way the United States Government was ran and how it worked, he then became fascinated. By the time he turned 8 he was already working on his first campaign. He went door to door (assisted by his parent) to pass out flyers for the Bush - Cheney campaign team.

In 2002 he was worked for Bill Simon, a Republican candidate for Governor of California. He was recognized statewide when he joined Bill Simon on the stage of the long anticipated victory party that gave way to Grey Davis, who won his re-election bid that year. In 2003 Sims and his family move to Gardnerville Nevada, there Sims quickly became comfortable working in a small town political environment, and became an acquaintance to then Nevada Governor: Kenny Guinn. In 2004 Sims was heavily involved in working on the Bush-Cheney`04 Campaign, going door to door, heading precincts, and making phone calls, Sims was making a strong yet early name for himself around his community.

The 2006 mid-term election
Sims was asked by his colleagues in the 2004 election to work on the Jim Gibbons for Governor campaign, even though he was a strong supporter of the then Congressman Gibbons, he did not want to commit himself to a candidate until the primaries were over. The primaries were close between Lorrain Hunt - Lt. Governor who came out with 34% of the vote, Bob Beers - State Senator with 12% of the vote and Jim Gibbons - U.S. Congressman who came out victorious with 54% of the primary vote. After Sims saw the primary results he immediately went into the Gibbons campaign office in Reno and said, "what can I do to help". The election then took off, making multiple campaign appearances with the Congressman and working diligently in the very campaign offices he helped set up. In October of that year Sims was elected the youngest ever Co-Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Committee, And then was prompted to run the Gibbons campaign in Douglas County all together. The night of the election was long and very close. at first it seemed as if the challenger; (D) State Senator Dina Titus, would win in a landslide, which made everyone at the Republican party nervous including Sims. As the night turned into the morning and with the disappointment of the Congress's majority going for the Democrats, the excitement of a victory for now Governor-Elect Gibbons was overwhelming to the point that Sims did not mind the loss in Congress.
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