Kyle Landry

Kyle Landry is a pianist, primarily known for his improvisational piano.

Kyle Landry was born the youngest of two children on March 8th, 1990 in Massachusetts, USA. He first started taking piano lessons in July 1998, at 8 years-old. Kyle immediately developed a passion for the instrument and soon discovered he had a natural ability for performing. At the age of 12, he began to learn and explore music on his own. It was this adventurous quality that sparked an interest in composing his own pieces. His first full composition remains untitled, and is identified as "Old School", representing the less-developed style of his older compositions.

YouTube brought him the most fans and his online success as a pianist. Although most of his videos feature music from anime and video games (specifically from Final Fantasy Piano Collections), Kyle is currently studying classical piano under private instruction. Of all the classical pianist composers his favorite is Frederic Chopin.

Kyle had posted over 100 videos, created more than 200 mp3s, gained the respect and admiration of thousands of viewers, and once had close to 10,000 subscribers.

As of August 2007 YouTube urged by the Yomiuri Corporation had Kyle's kyle556 account suspended for copyright infringement. The "Every Heart" and "Fukai Mori / Deep Forest" Soundtrack was a copyright claim by the Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation

The 9th of August 2007, Kyle's current youtube account can be found at:

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