Quazinto (Hebrew: ק××נת×) is a free online social networking service aimed at children and teenagers under the age of 17. It is the only one of its kind, and the members says that it will still be the best for years to come. It was started by 11-year-old Reid J. in December 2006 as QuazintoMfbiz and was only a search engine and a games website. It shut down in 2007 due to poor hits. In January 2008 it re-opened as Quazinto, and was found at www.quazinto.com. The new Quazinto was a search engine, using NingAdvanced CSS/HTML software instead of the original Moonfruit system. In March, 2008, founder Reid J. (now 12 years old), gave Quazinto a make-over by making it "beta", which means it had Web 2.0 capabilities.

More Information

Quazinto was originally started in December 2006 as a free online search engine and online games site for kids. It was called 'QuazintoMfbiz' and was found at www.quazinto.mfbiz.com. The founder, an eleven-year-old boy called Reid, shut it down in March 2007 due to poor statistics and hits.
In January 2008, Quazinto re-opened as Quazinto, and could be found at www.quazinto.com. It was Reid who re-opened it. The website was a success, as after just one month, there were many members regularly visiting. But it wasn't a search engine anymore, now it was an online community just for kids. It included a video site, qVideo, to upload your videos and watch them, a music site, qMusic, to listen to music posted regularly, and a photo site, qPhoto, to share your photos with the world.
The old Quazinto ran on the Moonfruit/Webeden CSS/HTML base, but the newer old version ran on the Ning CSS platform. The newer old Quazinto also used NingID. The old one ran on MFBIZID.
But now, Quazinto uses its own platform: Quazinto.one. Quazinto.one was created by the founder Reid J., using .one software. Now, with no affiliates, Quazinto can have as many members as possible, and also have its own custom design.
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