J. B. Rainsberger

J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger is a Canadian software development consultant and technology writer known for his contributions to agile development, for which he was awarded the highest honour from the agile community, the Gordon Pask Award in 2005 (its first year of existence). He is the founder of XPDay North America. He is also known for his book, JUnit Recipes : Practical Methods for Programmer Testing. He has been an agile practitioner since 2000, and in this time his articles on agile development have been published by leading programmer's magazines including IBM developerWorks and IEEE Software, for the latter of which he edits the regular "Not Just Coding" column.
JUnit Recipes : Practical Methods for Programmer Testing (2004)
* Use Your Singletons Wisely (IBM developerWorks)
* (Domain-Driven Design)
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