Hunain Zia

Hunain Zia(born Lodhran, Punjab, Pakistan) is a Pakistani student, blogger, poet and social media innovation leader. He gained mainstream recognition for his combine O Level and A Level result, where he made 6 world records with his educational achievements. He achieved 52 As in less than 2 years. He has a notable world record of giving 19 hours of constant examination, which, at this time, stays unparalleled. Apart from his education, Hunain has been a vibrant personality on social media, taking innovative steps to support the people of his country. He has his public commitment to work towards establishing free education in Pakistan. Apart from this, he is a profound writer and poet. His site has been designed to help students with their studies in the format of a social media platform. Although under construction, it will soon be an unprecedented project. His team is the principal copyrights holder of Talent Hunt Pakistan and PakMag, both social media endeavors which his team is working on. His social media team is called Frontier Holdings, which holds the rights to many notable pages.
Early Life
Hunain Zia was born on 17 January, 2000 in Lodhran, a district in Punjab Pakistan. His father is Saqlain Zia and his mother is Saeed Un Nisa. Hunain grew up till the age of nine in Lodhran, and then shifted to Bahawalpur. He education had throughout been in The City School Bahawalpur. As a young boy, Hunain had deep interest in innovative ideas and had a charming personality that made him one of the most popular school students of his time. He earned a bronze medal in the Royal Common Wealth Essay. <references />
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