Back box saver

The Back Box Saver is a small reinforced Nut which can be fitted over a stripped lug. It consists of a cutout of Heat-shrink sleeving and a curved T-nut. The Back Box Saver can either be used firmly fit a socket with a stripped lug. Or to adjust the positioning of a
Face plate.
Firstly the face plate must be removed and the wiring disconnected, making sure that power is turned off. Next enlarge the hole of the damaged lug is necessary. A T-Nut should be inserted into the cutout of sleeving and then inserted over the damaged lug so that sleeving fits around the lug and the hole of the T-Nut and the lug line up. The screws can then be replaced and the face plate can be tightened as normal.
To correct the misalignment of a face plate, a pair of Back Box Savers must be fitted to the Lugs.
Patent Number: GB2535892
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