Hagai Bar Giora

Hagai Bar Giora is an Israeli rabbi and member of the Kashrut Department, known for his statements regarding the halakhic status of cannabis in Judaism, and on the approved shapes of boureka pastries.
Cannabis opinions
In 2013, Bar Giora stated regarding cannabis in an interview with Israel's Cannabis magazine: “If you smoke it, there is no problem whatsoever.” Bar Giora noted that cannabis seeds, being legumes, are not kosher for Passover for Askhenazi Jews, but are for Sefardic Jews who permit eating legumes on Passover.
Dietary opinions
In 2013, Bar Giora supported a ruling that boureka pastries must retain a fixed shape in order to receiver kashrut certification with parve products shaped as a triangle, and dairy products crescent-shaped. This followed a complaint from vacationers in northern Israel who mistakenly ate cheese bourekas they mistook for parve due to a similar shape. Bar Giora noted the matter was both halakhic, as well as a health issue for those with dairy allergies.
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