Howshua Amariel

Howshua Amariel is a translator of the Biblical Hebrew (also known as Ancient Hebrew or the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet) and the author of the interlinear style Paleo-Hebrew text, entitled “THIS REPORT: The Hebrew/Phoenician History called the Bible”. Aside from Amariel's claims, his work, which is referred to in the Library of Congress, is also currently respected by the Igbo Jewish communities of Israel as being the first translation of the Biblical Hebrew Tanakh into an extensive formal equivalence English translation of the Bible.

Howshua Amariel is involved in Biblical Archaeology and research of the . In 1986 the Metropolitan Museum of Art special presentation "Treasures of the Holy Land", displayed a unique artifact concerning inscription of the biblical House of Yahweh for the first time in the United States. The show was hosted by the Director of the Metropolitan Museum Phillip Demarbilo, with the help of Martin Weyl, the director of the Israel Museum. After becoming aware of the house of Yahweh artifacts from the exhibit, Research Minister Howshua Amariel began studying biblical archaeology and artifacts pertaining to the House of Yahweh.

Since 1987 the Tabernacle Congregation of Prayer Yeshiva, an institute of biblical studies has had researchers, historians, and archaeologist all over the world investigating Hebrew and Israelite sites. Research Minister Howshua Amariel, a member of this yeshiva, along with other members- Kaleb Obadyah Ben Yisrael, Carmello Diaz, Eri Abdiel and archaeologist Aaron Rice have traveled back and forth from the Eretz Israel. For 20 years they travelled from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates in search of the holy places of the children of Israel.

The Memphis-based Jerusalem Chronicle Newspaper in a July of 1996 (Sivan/Tammuz 3233) article entitled “Passover in Diaspora” spoke of one of their journeys through Egypt stating that “Howshua Amariel and delegation investigated those similarities between the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Hebrew alef-bet”. Amariel and colleagues spent Passover at the House of Yahweh in Elephantine, Egypt.

Public Activism
In 1995 working as a human rights activist and community organizer, Howshua Amariel, with people from many different beliefs gathered together for the Million Man March, the largest gathering of African American men in U.S. history as they marched in Washington, D.C. to renew their faith and commitment to the Creator. He promoted others to attend this event as a form of group atonement for iniquities committed by the community and ‘Bene Israel’ in general. He was published in both the Washington Post and the official Million Man March book by the award-winning journalist & author Michael H. Cottman and on page 46 was shown praying for solidarity of the children of Israel.

He appeared on the Oprah Winfrey October 16th 1996 show of 'Get on the Bus' where people involved with the movie 'Get on the Bus' discuss the movie's depiction of a journey to the Million Man March on its 1st anniversary.

Amariel is commonly known at the turn of the century for his works with the issue of reparations for slavery. In early 2001 the Chicago City Council held a public meeting on the subject to consider if reparations for descendants of slaves were possible. Howshua Amariel, as a representative of the Yisraelite Organization of Unity, presented a proposal at the first National Reparations Convention in February 2001 to help solve the reparations for slavery debate. The proposal received approval from the audience and was given to the Chicago officials to be sent to the US capital for review. Mr. Amariel was seen in several local articles (including the Chicago Sun-Times, and on the front page of the Chicago Crusader) on the issue and also several articles on the issue nationwide (including the LA Times).

In addition, Paul Shepard from Associated Press wrote a Feb. 11th, 2001 article in the Seattle Times entitled “U.S. slavery reparations: Hope that a race will be compensated gains momentum” and described the moment in which he stated, "Brother Howshua is certain. The burly black man in the black suit, black leather hat, black boots and spirit to match knows he has the prescription for his people's psychic and financial ills on the piece of paper suffocating in his weathered hands. Now to get the rest of the world on board. First, he clears his throat. Howshua is about to drop the bomb. 'For those blacks who wish to remain in America, they should receive reparations in the form of free education, free medical, free legal and free financial aid for 50 years with no taxes levied,' booms the Chicago social activist. Howshua thumps the paper with forefinger for emphasis, then continues: 'For those desiring to leave America, every black person would receive a million dollars or more, backed by gold, in reparation.' A solemn Howshua slowly lays the paper down. Listeners offer approving nods around the table.”

Afterward Amariel became a licensed director at Chicago Access Network Television Studios in Chicago in 2001. He created and hosted his own show aimed at bring attention to the issue of black reparations and biblical prophecy which was entitled ‘Reparations Now!’ Later that year while presenting the reparations proposal at the United Nations World Conference on Racism on September 6, 2001 in South Africa he was printed in an article entitled "European Union weighs withdrawal" of the Sunday Independent, a South African newspaper, as he participated in a vigil with Danny Glover being interviewed of the issue of slavery as a crime against humanity.

Rabbinic works
Rabbi Howshua Amariel was ordained a rabbinic administrator by Rabbi James Hodges, a member on the International Israelite Board of Rabbis and International Director of the Yisraelite Organization of Unity.

The Jerusalem Chronicle Newspaper printed a story on Howshua Amariel in their July 2000 edition, an article entitled ‘Two sides of One People” for the formation of a judicial committee (beth din). On Nov 22nd 2000 Rabbi Amariel was appointed to represent the Tabernacle Congregation of Prayer Yeshiva and sit on a judicial committee of the Yisraelite Organization of Unity along with Rabbi Sholomo Levy (President, International Israelite Board of Rabbis. Assistant Professor of History, Northampton Community College), Rabbi Capers C. Funnye Jr. (member of the Chicago Board of Rabbis), Princess Zeridah Yehudah, Yirmeyahu Shlomo, and Moreh Elisha that were given the title of ‘Sar’ or Captain.

Also while in South Africa Captain Amariel met with the spiritual leader of the Lemba Jews and president of the Lemba Cultural Association, the late Prof. Matshaya Mathivha, and other chiefs of the tribes about the issues of how their communities were suffering and not allowed to make Aliyah to Israel freely as Jews. Professor Mativha made a public announcement that they were brothers and said he would personally address this issue with the Israelis in his negotiations with them. On Sept. 4th 2001, both of their communities made a covenant with each other; Elder Mativha representing the Lemba Cultural Association and Amariel on the behalf of members of the Y.O.U.

In 2002, Howshua Amariel Director of the Israel Chapter for the Yisraelite Organization of Unity (Y.O.U.), and rabbinic administrator & organizer in Israel was made a spokesman and representative for the Y.O.U. in Israel. And he also showed Hadane an Ethiopian Torah that is a family treasure of Rabbi Amariel's family which is believed to be 1500 years old and might prove their connection to the Ethiopian Jews.

On Sept 9th 2006, during an event recognizing of the Ebos as a Jews, Rabbi Amariel presented Hi Ben Daniel, the spiritual leader of the Igbo Jews in Israel, with a plague of brotherhood as a symbol of the covenant between them to corroborate to together that was made originally with Martin Delany in 1838. And after receiving a rabbinical authorization of administration from the Y.O.U for the purpose of building a rabbinical coalition within the land of Israel, Rabbi Amariel began meeting with rabbis of different ethnicities in Israel to form an interracial board of rabbis (beth din) with local rabbis from different tribes now living in Israel.

Family History
Howshua Amariel was born in a family of Native American Cherokee (Hispanic) they also share the distinctive belief on his Native American linage that they are descendants from the lost tribe of Ephraim that came originally from the Middle East around 2500 years ago to the Americas. The family celebrates all the Israelite holidays, keeps Shabbat, follows the laws of Kashrut, (dietary laws) and maintained the knowledge of the old Hebrew language. Thus Mr. Amariel has dedicated his life to the study of ancient Hebrew Torah.

“Identifying with the Black Hebrews, Amariel has a notebook full of leaflets, oceanography charts, genealogy maps, and linguistic analysis all pointing towards his conclusion; that one of the Judean tribes wandered through the Arabian Peninsula to Africa and established its own branch of Judaism there.”

Rabbi Howshua Amariel's quest went beyond proving to the State of Israel the genetic link between the Black Indians and their Jewish brethren. He also stated that many Africans are in fact Black Hebrews. As such, he is petitioning the Israeli government to grant them both the full right of return allowed to Ethiopian Jews. "There are millions of us, who want to return here to Israel. People say we are the lost tribe, but we are not lost, we know exactly who we are." After Amariel’s statements there followed several articles and additional DNA evidence from various members the Cherokee Nation which linked to the Jewish people. However, the belief that some Native Americans were a Lost tribe of Israel goes back for centuries and includes individuals like the 1782 President of the Continental Congress Elias Boudinot and Mordecai Noah, the most influential Jew in the United States in the early 19th Century.
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