H Stewart

H Stewart

H Stewart is an American author, sound, and chemical artist. She has released four albums and published two books to date. She has developed an underground following that extends abroad.

Early life
H Stewart was born Holly Alena Stewart in Independence, Missouri. She was born on December 16, 1982. She is quoted as saying “I was born small. I fit in my father's hand.” As a child H Stewart began to show an interest in writing. She won numerous awards for her stories throughout elementary school. In 1997 she began to notice that something was awry. She spent the next few years in and out of institutions and living with her family who were unable to deal with the situation before she decided to go out into the world on her own. “After I found myself insane, I left them in order to explore the world.” She managed to hitchhike her way through most of the United States while working odd jobs. At age nineteen she married into what became a tumultuous relationship. In 2004 at age twenty-two she divorced her husband. It is thought that her early life is the foundation for her art.

H Stewart has authored two books of poetry. Her first book Porched Hopes was quickly followed by The Unnecessary Flame. While writing Stewart began teaching herself to etch onto glass. She found she had a talent for art as well, and began to work in chemical art. She eventually opened an art gallery east of the Crossroads District in Kansas City. In addition to her work in art and literature, Stewart learned how to manipulate her voice and began releasing albums as a sound artist through the Russian netlabel Clinical Archives. She lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.

Love Cut Short- February 2008


Swan of Skin -January 2008

De La Souffrance-December 2007

To Touch the Taste of Sound -September 2007
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