Frightmare Halloween Festival

Frightmare Halloween Festival or simply Frightmare is an annual festival that takes place in Gloucester. Noted as the largest Halloween event in South West England and one of the largest temporary Halloween festivals of its kind in England, Frightmare typically runs during selected October dates, throughout the half-term holidays in the local area.
In 2016, the following 'live action horror attractions' were available:
* Haunted Hayride: Jailbreak
* Fright House
* Séance
* Caged
* The Offering
Most attractions are walk-through style attractions including multiple live actors throughout. The haunted hayride consists of a trip on a tractor trailer with encounters of many actors around the circuit.
Slightmare, a performance tailored to younger children, is also available.
This event is held to 'bridge the gap' between the daytime event and the full on frightmare experience. Slightmare features a selection of tamer slightmare attractions. <ref name=FrightmareActual />
Other Facilities
The attraction includes a fully licensed bar as well as other festivities, such as pumpkin carving, during daylight hours.<ref name=FrightmareActual />
Critical Reception
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