Jyrki Alakuijala

Jyrki Alakuijala is an active member of the open source software community, and a data compression researcher. He is the inventor or a co-inventor of the Zopfli, Butteraugli, Guetzli, Gipfeli, WebP lossless, and Brotli compression formats and algorithms. Other software tools that Alakuijala has developed include an image compression tool to reduce colors to fit a small palette of colors, hashing algorithms, CityHash and HighwayHash, and the first multi-user chat bot for the internet.
, Alakuijala works at Google, working in the Zürich office since 2006. Before his Google employment he studied computer-aided neurosurgery and radiation therapy treatment planning. A sound installation co-composed by Alakuijala is played daily on the Helsinki Senate Square at 17:49.
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