Frankie Loscavio

Frankie Loscavio (born Feb 23, 1976) was a professional Inline-Skater or in the sport better known as Rollerblading. At the time Frankie skated both before and during his professional career, the Rollerblading industry was in it's infancy and had just started to gain recognition as an extreme sport. Frankie skated for a wheel company called Kryptonics and then went on to skate for Third-World, K2 Sports and Got Milk. Helping push the newly created sport of aggressive inline skating with pioneer skaters like Arlo Eisenberg, B-Hardin, Mike Opalek, Brian Smith and Brooke Howard-Smith as well as many others at this time. Frankie is from Atlanta, and skated with local sport founders Tom Hyser, Andy Kruse and Jason Smith, Rollerblade pioneers also from Atlanta, Georgia. Frankie was first featured in the 1994 movie Hoax 2 produced by T-Bone Films which has at been considered by some to be one of the most influential aggressive Rollerblade videos in the industry helping set the way for future inline skaters up to present day. You can watch Frankie's Hoax 2 video section here:


Frankie was first sponsored for the aggressive inline-skating manufacturer Rollerblade and the wheel company Kryptonics. The predominate inline-skate manufacturer at the time and a wheel company that produced almost every sub companies wheels in 1995. He toured doing skate demonstrations and safety awareness demonstrations to the youth throughout the south eastern United States. He later went had a wheel manufactured by Third-World wheel company owned by Heavy Wheel Manufacturers in which he appeared in many skate videos for the following 3 years.

Frankie Loscavio was in advanced placement art all through high school and then attended the Atlanta College of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Art and Motion Graphics and Video Compositing. Frankie was the first electronic artist at the Atlanta College of Art to receive the highest possible scholarship offered yearly in it's history unlike all the other traditional artist before him.

Frankie working for a streaming video company at this time called Media 1st that specialized in streaming video content giving him a strong foundation in Interactive Media and Web Development along with his design and graphics background. With this experience, two years later he then went on to start at with Tom Hyser and Andy Kruse one of the first e-commerce web sites for the Rollerblade industry, setting the standard for electronic shopping in this niche market. Skatepile quickly became the online-store of choice for skaters and quickly became a multi-million dollar company quickly leading to the creation of Fiziks Frames created by Tom Hyser The first Inline-Skate suspension frame. was an early adopter of streaming online video content, providing video to inline-skaters before Google Video and You Tube in a time when video content was fairly hard to produce and provide on large scales for internet users and was very expensive. Streaming Video has become a more robust platform for content delivery since those early days and the internet video landscape changes daily allowing users to access more video content than ever.

Frankie Loscavio now spends almost all of his time doing Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Application Development and Electronic Music while working for his own freelance business called Loscavio Media at which was started in 2004.
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