Filiquarian Publishing LLC

Filiquarian Publishing LLC is a limited liability company, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America, whose business is print and electronic publishing of copyright-free material in paperback, hardcover and digital books, using print on demand technology. The online retailer lists 339 titles under the imprint.
The company's website contains no contact details, but invites interested parties to obtain the address and email from its internet domain registration. The proprietor is Joshua Linsk.

Filiquarian does not publish a catalog, but its website advises that it offers "classics, self-help political" works "for consumption by the masses". It specializes in publishing ebooks, which are for sale around the internet. They range from classics, political texts, self-help books and biographies. Its ebooks are also available for Amazon Kindle.

A customer-submitted review of D. B. Cooper - Portrait of an American Hijacker on's website advises prospective purchasers to "find the same information for free by searching the internet". Indeed, in keeping with Filiquarian's "free use" policy, several of its titles are direct copies of articles. For example, comparison of the text of Middle Ages with The Middle Ages for Know-It-Alls, ISBN 1599862190, Advertising with Advertising for Know-It-Alls ISBN 1599862093 and D.B. Cooper with D. B. Cooper - Portrait of an American Hijacker ISBN 1599861984 show that they are verbatim copies of the respective articles as appearing at the end of 2007. Each work includes a GNU free license; the author is named as "Biographiq". lists 182 biographies from Filiquarian by this "author". The titles may sell well: for example John McCain - A Man of Straight Talk is in the top hundred of Amazon's "Leaders and Leadership" category.


Filiquarian Publishing claims to comply with all legalities related to using content in their books by following the GNU Free Documentation license. Although they apparently do not meet the requirement that calls upon anyone distributing the work to acknowledge the authors of the article used, a direct link to the article's history page, where the authors are listed, is provided, making their republication of these writings legal under GFDL licensing.

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