eZanga was founded on May 29, 2003, by husband and wife team Rich and Beth Kahn. It originally operated in the affiliate advertising space, but eZanga changed its focus to fighting bot traffic and combating ad fraud with the launch of the completed Traffic Advisors in 2005. eZanga continued to develop its product offerings with the January 2012 launch of AdPad, a proprietary ad management system for advertisers. Both AdPad and Traffic Advisors have continually gone through new iterations as the advertising industry continues to evolve.

Advertising Fraud
In recent years, eZanga has been seen as a central player within the click fraud detection and prevention landscape. As digital advertising continues to play a central role in marketing campaigns for brands and agencies, ad and click fraud has become a more severe problem. eZanga released products in this scope sooner than many organizations with the completion of Traffic Advisors in 2005 prior to a greater industry focus from 2012-2015
Traffic Advisors
Traffic Advisors offers publishers feedback on their traffic by using several algorithms to score the traffic on a scale from 0 to 9. Using this scale, Traffic Advisors rates sources based on the traffic’s quality and probability to convert. In 2014, eZanga released the eighth product upgrade to Traffic Advisors, Traffic Advisors.
AdPad is an advertising management platform created by eZanga for brands, agencies and small businesses. The platform was created so they could manage in-house campaigns across several advertising products, using an advanced and intelligent interface incorporating real-time data and analytics across numerous ad formats ranging from clicks, calls, display and SEM units.
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