Erhab records

Erhab Records (from the word إرهاب "terrorism") is an independently owned record label founded in 1999 by the twin brothers Fared and Mano.
Starting Up
Fared and Mano started composing gangster rap, many anti establishment tunes were spread until 2001, in that year an Arabic specifically Lebanese gangster rap album was released, after 2 years another album.
In 2005 and after prime minister Hariri assassination, a single was out in the Lebanese Forces album.
Erhab Records with FARED music a produced for many rap crews (Enzel, Mafia Crew & Modehameh)
right now erhab records (FARED) is producing for mafia, erbek , al ka3ida and many others coming out...
ERHAB featured huge artists Mano, Lana, Empera, Zippo Brothers Charbel & Zouzou, Speed, Vaccine, T-Rex & Abdo Lahoud recording from inside Lebanon's jail ROUMIEH.
Erhab Records Music
The Lebanese Gangsta rap is a combination of talking and as well as singing, much of ErhabRecords music chronicles the observations and experiences of young Lebanese and Arab, often describing situations which occur in their life and no one else dare to talk about loudly (like drugs the lebanese ghetto political views…).
All this represent a part of life in the Middle East. The current appeal of this music is causing great concern among Arab governments, politicians, and others who wants to capitalize and benefit from whats going on (the real war and drug lords). That’s why ErhabRecords in now banned in UAE even through the internet (ilike…)
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