EmSolid (born June 6, 1982) is a rapper/producer from Chicago, Illinois. He started his first record label, Apostal Records, with very few artists or connections to the music industry. EmSolid and his artist DestrucShawn become street promoters for other artists in the Chicago area, in order to learn the business and make connections.

EmSolid at the age of 20 started his most successful label, Dominant Records, which had many artists.

Artists EmSolid has worked with include Arrogant (Table Funk Muzik), Chi-Blizz (Power 92.3 radio), Willie aka Lucky (Making the Band 4/Bad Boy Recording Artist), Kwiet Storm, Block XChange (Disturbing tha Peace), and Carona Brone.

*2002: '
*2003: Dominant Records Compilation Vol 1
*2003: Dominant Records Compilation Vol 1.5 Extended Edition
*2004: Dominant Records Compilation Vol 2
*2005: EmSolid Official MixTape Vol 1
*2008: '

Produced singles
*2002: '
*2003: Take Over
*2003: Give Ya Chick Up
*2005: Let's Ride, Let's Roll
*2008: Weather Man
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