Didibao is a supposedly imaginary Korean sportswear brand. Its history has begun like this.
In 2002 a photo of a bag imitating Adidas' was seen on a gigantic Korean website dcinside.com and its brand was Didibao.
Everybody knew it was a fake bag made in China, but some people began to say 'for fun' that it's a real luxury brand which all cannot easily possess and the number of the persons who echoed the fake story gradually increased. Someone said even Adidas came from the luxury brand Didibao. Some knew those are all lies but others believed it's a real luxury brand because the fictional story was very realistic and lots of people kept saying it's a real one.
This is the first stage where Didibao became famous.
As Didibao came into the world various composite images with its logo were made by many netizens and the name Didibao got more recognition. But reality is unveiled someday. As time went on people came to know the brand was not a real one.
In April 2006 a spoof parody website presented a new Didibao logo. With the new logo Didibao's brand image was improved and repositioned. Below is a fictional news article presented then on the web.
Didibao, Inc. released its new logo. A person in charge said "Adidas plagiarized our logo and it affects us a lot. Even though our CEO wanted to neglect Adidas’ immorality our customers were so furious that we decided to use a new logo."
Image of Didibao's new logo
Composite photos with the new logo have been made and spread all over the Web. Compared to the previous photos with the old logo these photos are more realistic and some people are getting confused again.
But the story below, saying Didibao really exists, has been provoking another confusion:
1. Mr. Shim Kwonho, a korean Taekwondo master, immigrates to the United States in 1985
2. Tom Cruise is deeply impressed to see his Taekwondo performance in an LA street festival and make friends with him
3. 'Dolyocha', bag manufacturing factory, is established in the year 2000 by Mr. Shim
4. In 2002 he establishes another factory in China, starting using the brand name Didibao
5. By an Egyptian buyer's request Didibao logo is designed much alike with that of Adidas to confuse customers
6. Korean travellers happen to find Didibao bags in China and take pictures to upload some of them on the Web site DC Inside
7. Didibao gets famous in Korea
8. Korean netizens creates the new logo which can be written in Korean as well as in English at the same time
9. Mr. Shim recognizes Didibao has been very famous in Korea and decides to use the new logo and changes the company name into Didibao as well
10. Mr. Shim's friend Tom Cruise is willing to pose for Didibao for free
11. Didibao has been exerting to get more recognition
Since a Korean famous comedian Kang Hodong appeared in Didibao on a Korean TV show in May 2008 the controversies on its existence have become more and more intense.
Image of Kang Hodong in Didibao on a Korean TV show
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