Danny McKinnon

Daniel McKinnon (born in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian actor and voice actor best known as Kohaku from the anime series InuYasha. He took over the role from Alex Doduk after episode 102 of InuYasha.
He also supplied the voice of Max in Dragon Tales, Leech in X-Men Evolution, Kant Kesner in Brain Powered, Matt in Zoids Fuzors, Eliah in Master Keaton, Sean in Transformers: Armada and Yuli in the Ronin Warriors films.
He also appeared on camera in the hit television series Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken and The Lone Gunmen.
McKinnon currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.
Anime roles
*Kohaku in InuYasha (after Alex Doduk)
*Kant Kesner in Brain Powerd
*Yuli in Ronin Warriors: New Adventures (OVA Series)
*Yuli in Ronin Warriors: Message (OVA Series)
*Pat Campbell in Infinite Ryvius
*Kimitoshi Shirakawa in Earth Girl Arjuna
*Dai Daichi in The Daichis - Earth's Defense Family
*Kohaku in InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
*Kohaku in InuYasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask (Video Game)
*Matt/Vega Obscura in Zoids
*Matt in Zoids Fuzors
*Eliah in Master Keaton
*Chisao in MegaMan NT Warrior
*Courier in Trouble Chocolate
*Young Jiro in Human Crossing
*Muruta Azrael in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Special Edition
*Sean in Transformers: Armada
Non-anime roles
*Max in Dragon Tales
*Enzo in ReBoot: Daemon Rising
*Leech in X-Men Evolution
*Theodore in Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken
*Tow Headed Boy in The Lone Gunmen
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