Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations

Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations is a not-for-profit, independent, non-partisan, membership-based foreign policy think tank based on intellectual scholarship. The institute was founded in 2009 by Manjeet Kripalani, the former India Bureau Chief for Business Week, and Neelam Deo, a former Indian Ambassador to Denmark and Côte d'Ivoire, and former Consul General of India, New York, to engage India’s leading corporations and individuals in debate and scholarship on India’s foreign policy and its role in global affairs. Gateway House takes no institutional positions on matters of policy.
The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program's 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report ranks it among the top Think Tanks in China, India, Japan, and the Republic of Korea and lists it as a 'Think Tank to Watch'.
As stated on its website, Gateway House's mission is:
* To be an independent, non-partisan, membership-based organization based on intellectual scholarship
* To raise awareness about foreign policy among Indians
* To engage Indian business and opinion leaders in dialogue on foreign policy issues
* To produce and disseminate ideas and reports that stimulate the public debate on the foreign policy choices that face India
* To have a diverse, select membership genuinely interested in foreign policy
* To groom the next generation of foreign policy leaders from India
There are three major ways in which Gateway House achieves its mission.
* A Studies programme which revolves around 8 focus areas—geoeconomics; geopolitics; foreign policy analysis; bilateral relations; democracy and nation-building; international security ; science, technology and innovation; energy and environment—are at the heart of the institute’s scholarship, with original research by global and local scholars on issues of foreign policy importance to India.
* Gateway House Meetings, a forum through which members, global leaders, prominent thinkers, corporations, diplomats, scholars and state administrators can debate India’s foreign policy are a regular occurrence. Gateway House has hosted several meetings with influential foreign policy opinion makers and leaders from around the world. Most Gateway House meetings are completely off-the record and not for attribution.
* A comprehensive website is the primary outreach of the institute, and contains local and global writing on India’s foreign policy
The Gateway of India Geoeconomic Dialogue
Gateway House along with India's Ministry of External Affairs launched an annual, geoeconomics conference set in India's unique context. The discussions sought to bring together business leaders and foreign policy experts from around the world. The inaugural was held on the 13-14th of June, 2016, while the was held on the 13-14th of February, 2017.
The of the conference is set to be held on the 12-13th of March, 2018.
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