Corbansick (sometimes spelled Corbansic or Corbansik) is a four-piece metal band from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina formed by and Goran Valka.

* Ensar Bistrivoda – Vocals (2006-Present)
* – Guitars (2000-Present)
* – Bass (2006-Present)
* – Drums (2006-Present)

* Goran Valka – Vocals & Keyboards (2000-2007)
* – Bass (2003-2006)
* – Drums (2003-2004,2005-2006)
* – Lead Vocals (2002-2006)

* – DJ (2006-2007)
* – Bass (2006-2007)
* – Drums (2003-2004)


Corbansick was formed in July 2003 by (Guitars) and Goran Valka (Vocals). They are often credited as fusion band because of their mixture of variety of musical styles such as Metal, Rock, Hip hop, Funk and Jazz. During 2003 Corbansick was in the studio where they recorded their first demo, inluding two their songs; Broken and Pissed Off.Inspired by a wave of Nu Metal, Alternative Metal and Rap Metal bands through the mid 1990s and early 2000s.Now, the band is deep in the writing and recording process of their first studio album.

More biography
Soon after the decision to gather a band, Igor BeniÄ, vocal, joins the band and with him bringing new blood and fresh feeling. A bit later, band gets two new members, Haris KurspahiÄ, bass, and Stefan PejoviÄ, drums who really define the music they're playing. After long brainstorming, it's decided that the new formed band shall be called «Corbansick», a fusion of words Core, Band and Sick. Gigs all over the country soon follow, where «Corbansick» start to attract fans from whole BiH territory. Soon after that, two demos are recorded, «Broken» and «Pissed Off», to present themselves to the wider audience.

The songs find their way to the radio stations and various compilations. Apart from many gigs in the throughout the country, the band is invited by the «Upgrade» festival in Germany to play along with 20 bands where they receive a positive critics and are described as a «young and upcoming band with a bright future ahead» by the German MTV. Their combination of diverse music genres contributes to the originality of their style. «Corbansick» has a unique sound and style, today widely known as «Rapcore» (Hardcore and Rap), through heavy Hardcore riffs and Funky bass line. They combine rap and shout vocals with old school rhythms and samples, with ambiental and psychedelic keyboard admixture. At the end of last September, 3 band members decided to leave the band. Soon after that 3 new members joined the band and the band started making a new music completely.

In the beggining (2000-2006)
Due to a lack of Rapcore / Nu Metal bands in Sarajevo, two friends come upon the idea of forming a band that would create something brand new, at least for the region. It is widely accepted that a combination of various musical styles will in turn yield something completely new. This unfortunately is not the case in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By emulating foreign bands such as Korn, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Incubus, Staind, and Rage Against the Machine, they realized that forming a new style that would not be a replica of already existing bands, would not be an easy undertaking. Subsequently, Fedja (guitars) and Goran (keyboards) came upon the idea of combining more than one musical style in their songs and thus creating something interesting and unusual. While this way of thinking was not a novelty in the rest of the world, the Bosnia-Herzegovina music scene was “fucked” in terms of this.

Fedja has been playing the guitar since 1999 while Goran has been playing the keyboards since 1998. They have been friends since early childhood but only at the turn of the millennium did they decide to throw a band together. Back then there was simply a lack of people willing and interested in playing something new and progressive. The musicians active on the scene at the time mainly played Rock, Hardcore, or some similar variations of Metal music including playing cover music. There was a profound lack of creativity and ingenuity within the small and over-rated music scene in the country. Due to this fact the search for vocalist, bassist and drummer slowly started to evolve into mission impossible, due to which Fedja and Goran almost gave up on the entire idea. Parallel to this task, Goran is piling up lyrics written in English while Fedja is continuously playing, practicing and creating ideas leading to the creation and formation of new songs.

First song Fake I.D.
In late 2001, Fake I.D. becomes the first song which was to be published as a demo recording. However, due to the lack of vocals, the idea does not materialize. Fedja then suggests to Goran that they use Igor (Fedja’s classmate) as their vocal prophet. Soon after, Igor, Fedja and Goran enter the studio and record “Fake I.D.”, unfortunately with sampled drums and bass guitar riffs.

Band's new name
At the same period the band creates a name that would reflect their soul. After much deliberation, Goran and Fedja suggested that the band’s name be formed using three different words: Sick, Hardcore, and Band. The initial name, “Hardcorebandsick”, was obviously too long so they decided to drop the “e”, “d”, and hard” from the name, thus coming up with “Corbansick”. They felt this name embodied their quest for alternative ways of viewing and presenting music.

Group is formed (2003)
In the summer of 2003, Corbansick stumbles upon Haris, a bass player. At the time when the band met Haris, the latter had been playing his instrument for a year and had no band experience. A few days later, the band invited Haris to come to a band jam for him to hear what exactly Corbansick was all about. Haris was not very appreciative of the thought of combining Rap and Hardcore styles but kept his promise and showed up at the jam. After listening to the band’s songs and by the look on his face, the band realized that they had ended their search for a bass player.

Soon after, the band stumbles upon their drummer, Stefan. He had been playing percussion since the age of 15, but at the time of meeting the band had been playing the drums for only 6 months. Upon the band’s suggestion to join, Stefan expresses his interest in playing something new and accepts.

Finally, Corbansick is complete and ready to rock in August 2003. The music they create varies between Rapcore and Nu Metal, with the influence of other styles. They became a member of the Foundation for Creative Development (FKR) in Sarajevo through which they had their first club jam and interview with Deutsche Welle TV journalist Frank Hofmann.

After the first jam, Stefan decides to give up for a period in order to catch up with the rest of his obligations. Corbansick decides to take a break until March 2004 and following that joins the Association of Demo-Bands (UDBA), continuing with drummer sub Adis at their second jam session. Following this jam, Stefan decides to return to Corbansick and brings new spirit, with which the band creates their new home-made demo track Broken. As the song receives positive feedback from the crowds, the band decides to re-record the track using Radio 202’s more serious equipment.

Brake-up (2006)
In September 2006, , and had left the band in the lack of time for the band and other personal reasons. In that time, Corbansick was pretty much dismantled.

New Corbansick

Back on the track

After the original members of Corbansick decided to quit the band, the band had stagnated. Fedja and Goran have, by the end of September 2006 nearly decided to, after 6 years of joint work, call it a day and abandon the idea of forming the new band, as it had required almost everything to be done from the scratch, what did not seem feasible at the moment. However, in December 2006 Fedja and Goran had invited Ensar Bistrivoda to be a new lead singer, and he said yes. Soon after that two new members join Corbansick: (drums) and (Dj). At that moment they did not have a bass player, so Goran decided to call his mate from the band called Kamikaza to be a new bas player with Corbansick, which he had accepted. That turned out to be a bad idea, cause he couldn't commit in full to Corbansick, and has decided to quit the band in January 2007. Since he felt responsible to do something, he had offered to invite his mate , to replace him. Corbansick had decided to throw out all the old songs and do new ones. From January to August 2007, Corbansick wrote 14 new songs that had sounded a lot better and fuller than the old ones. Their musical style was becoming more and more serious, crossing over to Jazz, Funk and Rap-Rock Fusion.

Goran Valka exits Corbansick (2007)

Soon after making a band's new demo tape(including 7 new songs), Goran Valka decided to leave the band for personal reasons which band kept as a secret.Soon after that, band decided to continue to play, changing their unic style into a Jazz, Funk rock-metal fusion expressed through out their rap-social powerfull lyrics written by Ensar.

*2004 Demo tracks (Radio 202 Records)
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