Boris Adlam

Boris Adlam (born 1966) is a British businessman, financier and venture capitalist. He was educated at Winchester College, Balliol College, Oxford and La Sorbonne, Paris.
He was an Investment Banker with Lehman Brothers in New York and London and a Financier with Banque Paribas and Nomura International plc. He was active advising the Riksbank of Sweden during the 1993 currency crisis and subsequently adviser to the Central Bank of Denmark and the finance ministries of Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Spain
Adlam left investment banking in 1999 and founded venture capital group Arcanum Partners Ltd and KNZ Partners in 2001. Adlam became chairman of Nexus Management Plc, the Anglo-American IT Company in the same year. In March 2007 he became executive chairman of Nexus Management Inc and in September 2008 became the president of the Nerd Force Franchise Company. In the summer of 2010 he led an MBO of Nerd Force and became CEO of the Nerd Force Franchise Company in September 2010.
A gifted linguist, fluent in five languages, Boris Adlam is known to be an accomplished amateur musician who was principal cellist of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and member of the European Union Youth Orchestra.
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